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Grass Turf has been replacing natural grass in many ways at many places. With the increasing popularity of this grass specifically available in unique shades of green no one wants to think about the pain-staking process of maintaining natural grass lawn. For all artificial grass lovers looking for prize-winning quality, Namgrass grass turf suppliers is just-the-perfect destination to drop-by.

Home to a unique range of fake grass, we also specialize in supplying grass play. It has been excellently designed by our team of experts to provide safest, most manageable and clean surface to the artificial grass lawn. Unlike traditional land covering options, our artificial grass turf is superior in terms of quality. Being one among the prominent grass turf suppliers, at Namgrass we give keen importance to aesthetics, comfort and beauty.

The Advantages of Choosing Lawn from the Well Known Grass Turf Suppliers :

1) We offer a 5-years guarantee on our extensive range of grass turf supplies.
2) Our artificial grass tiles is environmentally friendly and they can be used in grass lawn, garden, and area near swimming pool.
3) You can say no to fertilizers and pesticides, as we offer a water-resistant, durable land covering solution.
4) Our products are meant to offer an aesthetically eye-pleasing lawn or garden to add to the value of your property.
5) Environmentally friendly
6) High performance on HIC (7 years)
7) Installation with ease

Never compromise on the quality of artificial grass turf. For premium quality surface solution go no where else but Namgrass. Be our customers, get a free quote and take home free samples of our false grass.

Comfortplay consists of one or two base layers shock absorbent thermally linked XPE-flocks, covered with a geotextile that serves for filter cloth. These high-quality protection mats are developed specially for their preventive application and have an exact thickness, density and composition. As a top layer artificial grass is applied.

Use Comfortplay under an artificial grass carpet to provide a safe, clean, dry playsurface for children.

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