Sports surfaces

Artificial Multisports Grass

Are you a club owner or a sports academy owner looking for an ideal grass-type to fit all sports needs? There are so many options available for play ground covering needs, but there is nothing that can match the longevity and sustainability of artificial multisports grass by Namgrass. We are the renowned European grass brand company offering distinguishable and purposeful range of fake lawn for commercial as well as residential needs.

When the question is about sports needs we believe, a good playground is a good foundation for a better game. Our artificial multisports grass can offer you a high-quality pitch with less maintenance, no watering and withstands extreme climatic conditions. Our fake lawn playground offers great compressive strength, frost resistance and excellent playability. Such a surface is not just safe for kids but also for professional players.

Specialties of our artificial multisports fake lawn are as follows:

1) This range of grass by Namgrass, is non-abrasive that is smooth on skin. No bruises to hurt you while playing soccer or basket ball.
2) We are capable of availing a small multifunctional fake lawn that can be used as sports field at home, at school, at clubs or for an event
3) Our products are made to excellence to withstand any type of climatic condition. No season can ruin its freshness, look and durability.

Go care-free and fuss-free with Namgrass's fake lawn. Enjoy a no-trimming, no-watering time on  weekends. Call +91 9998976377 or send your applications at, we will get back to you very soon.