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Are you someone who has great liking for beauty and aesthetics synthetic grass? A high-on-maintenance complete natural garden or cost-effective, low-on-maintenance, green as soothing and totally natural-looking artificial lawn, what would your preference be? If it is a yes for synthetic grass then Namgrass, the renowned European artificial lawn & synthetic grass brand is the name you can trust.

Developed to meet luxury, time-saving and comfort needs of our customers, we have been striving to  the best of our excellence to offer an economical landscaping solution. Unlike natural grass, our range of artificial lawn in India are available in a variety of shades of green; from light to dark, from tiny trimmed to large ones, there is an extensive collection in our range of products.

Do you know our green wave type artificial lawn is designed by  experts in the industry to give a beautiful look and feel? This is a special kind of grass with a fabulous Mediterranean edge to go a level beyond in terms of attractiveness and comfort. The refreshing-green visual-aspect of a synthetic grass managed and developed by us is unmatched even by natural grass garden.

For people who are looking for an ideal grass border around the walkway in the lawn or swimming pool or a mini home golf course or a chic roof patio, there is nothing a reliable as our water-resistant synthetic grass to cross your needs to perfection. Call us once and we guarantee you to have the best and most long-lasting solution, whether it is the golf course or children playing space or fountain area in the garden.

Browse through our website to more about various types of grass. Be our customer, get a free quote today and take home samples of the grass.