Preparations to install artificial grass

Installing artificial grass has never been so easy. This manual, written by NAMGRASS, written by our installers show you how to prepare your lawn. 


The best solution as a substrate for
turf is stabilizing, but it does not always.
The big advantage of a stabilizing surface is the fact that weeds and moles little to no chance of getting more here. If you do not suffer from a soft soil in your garden subsidence, moles, ... can be installed artificial turf on the earth. Remove this first coating, leveling and equalizing to 1.5 to 2 cm below the desired level with filling sand the surface smooth and vibration on. In this way, the terrain is very useful for the placement of artificial grass in the garden.

Provide azobé poles in each corner and every 2 meters along the sides. These should sit with the surface to confirm. Geotextiles and synthetic turf equal

You want to keep the existing pavement, you must make sure that there are no pits, cracks and other imperfections in the surface there.


To provide a balcony or terrace turf is important that there is always a good water run-off is. Here we go with a white geotextile drainage studs provided which serves as drainage and as a buffer to high temperatures of the sun to avoid.