Artificial Sports Grass - A Modern Green Revolution

A Sports Freak Needs A Good Play Area

Hey there ! Do you love playing games? Are you a national level athlete or love to spend time with your hockey sticks or shooting the tennis balls? If the answer is yes, then you must be needing a good playground too. Sports infrastructure is very critical to develop sports in the country. Natural grass needs cutting, watering and cleaning regularly. It often becomes quite tedious. To opt out from this long term tasks, we have opted for the the artificial sports grass lawns. Even at homes and residential complexes, you can use this artificial sports grass in your backyard for your kids and their friends to play their favourite football or cricket. This grass is ecologically sustainable, and does not require the constant  watering or cleaning. You can maintain them at your own pace and can use them atleast 4 or 5 times a day.

A Natural Eye Cooler

Most people wish to the see the grass in just one color. And that is green. This becomes quite difficult in extreme rain or rough sunlight. However, artificial sports grass would coruscate with morning dew everyday and make you feel as if you are walking in your green paradise.

Benefits In Playfield

Whether its high monsoon, sunny climes or teeth clenching winter, the artificial sports grass is all time worth hitting the ball. Whereas normal turf has its restrictions of about 250 hours in any season. Its manufacturing process determines its quality and longevity.  The sports authority like FIFA and UEFA chooses artiticial sports grass also of a very high quality which provides the greatest level of comfort to the players and is safe for their health. However, its permananence can vary according to the materials used, its method of construction, the usage of the pitch and its regular maintenance. Having an eco friendly artificial turf, transforms the sports field into something unique and beautiful. The logos shine and the letters would look more attractive. This definitely enraptures the fans.

Materials Used & Installation

* Polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon.

* For sports usage either polythylene or rubber tires for a rubber composition is used. They are completely non-toxic , can be recycled, durability is longer and are not harmful to either sportsmen or a home family.

* For adding the resistance in the grass, tiny curly fibers called tatch are used. This grass comes in variety of colours which can enhance the look of your garden.

If you want to use your lawn for games like football, croquet or bowling then the optimal 20mm stake with infill of sand is perfect for patios and lawn paths.