Your garden, terrace, golf green, ... looks perfect just after installation and you want to keep it that way.

This manual provides basic guidelines for the use and minimal maintenance of artificial turf.
With these guidelines, you ensure that you have years of enjoyment of your artificial grass garden, terrace, golf green, ..

Use of artificial grass:

  • Cigarettes, flames or hot objects can cause melting and scorch marks. 
  • Enters the turf only with clean shoes, free of mud or other debris.
  • Athletic shoes with steel studs (spikes) are not recommended.
  • Chewing gum and glass are best to avoid: chewing gum is best removed with ice, but can also be removed with water or ice spray.
  • Snow and ice do not damage the turf but frost and ice hardens the artificial turf: wait so off for snow removal.


Artificial Grass Maintenance:

  • Some loose leaves will give a very natural look to your lawn. Avoid While hoping to start composting leaves in the turf.
  • Remove pets from accidents and reel for their own hygiene after. For any odor.
  • Recent stains can be removed, so the easiest react quickly is the message. Stains of beer, coffee, ice cream and blood can be removed with water.
  • On stubborn stains, use a 3% solution of ammonia in water.
  • Brush not infilled artificial turf sporadically with a stiff broom. The best effect is obtained in dry weather. The infill can be completed.
  • If loosening joints, they should be repaired as soon as possible. Immediately contact your turf supplier.
  • If the turf is used for sporting purposes, an annual mechanical cleaning is recommended, the sand is then filtered and broadcast again.