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Leading Artificial Golf Grass Turf Suppliers

“Believe it or not, it is just a natural-look-alike!”

This is what you’ll say to someone who visits the golf course on your property after installing our synthetic golf turf! We can help you get a fantastic and water-resistant golf course just like that.

Golf enthusiasts have been using our artificial golf putting green because of their look, feel and performance just like or maybe even better than natural grass.

Artificial Golf Grass that Meets Your Needs

Namgrass is a prominent name in the golf grass suppliers industry. We are committed to excellence and providing the perfect golfing solutions in the form of synthetic golf grass for your property within your budget. We work to understand your needs and area of importance to help you have an ideal golf course.

When you shop for fake golf grass with us, you get so much more than the natural grass golf course. You do not have to worry anymore about watering, trimming, mowing, manuring and maintaining the golf course all-year-round, unlike natural grass.

Get in touch with us and shop for real grass-like products with additional benefits and enjoy the comfort of your game with our golf green grass. You can save time and money spent on maintenance and upkeep.

We Offer the Best Range of Synthetic Golf Putting Green

We carry a specially developed and unique range of fake golf turf for anyone who wants to discover the fun of the sport. We can provide you with an excellent green course, with the added advantages, to practice your swing or putting in relaxed conditions. There are a variety of possibilities with NAMGOLF Grass, including the following:

1. In- and outdoor golf solutions

2. Private golf putting greens

3. Mini-golf

Artificial Golf Grass Products