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“Believe it or not it is just a natural-look-alike”. Have you ever said this to anyone who just paid a visit to the  golf course in your property? A fantastic and water-resistant golf course made of golf grass. Golf enthusiasts have been using our products in order to give a look, feel and performance just like or may be better than natural ones. Namgrass, big name in the golf grass suppliers industry has been dedicated to excellence to provide an ideal golfing solution within your property and budget.

Apparently, we understand your basic area of importance other than having an ideal golf course is managing  your savings. When you shop for fake golf grass from us, you get so much more than the natural grass golf course. Set aloof all your worries of watering, trimming, mowing, manuring and maintaining the natural golf course all the year round. Instead get in touch with us and shop for realistic like natural grass and enjoy the comfort of your game with our golf grass and see how enormously you save on your money and time.

A specially developed range for anyone who wants to discover the fun of golf. A magnificent green course to practice your putting or your swing in relaxed conditions. Numerous possibilities reveal themselves with NAMGOLF Grass.

•Private putting greens
•In- and outdoor golf solutions

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