Football Grass

Get Highest Quality FIFA-Certified Artificial Football Grass

As a leading provider of artificial football grass in India, Namgrass brings you an innovative turf system that ensures proper ball performance and optimal safety of the players. The football turf we offer is by Domo Sports Grass, a certified license holder for FIFA Quality. The certification ensures that the turf can be used effectively for many sports, such as football, tennis, hockey, soccer, and more. Whether you want artificial turf for a training area or a large stadium, we offer FIFA-certified turf in India to accommodate all your needs.

We Provide Football Turf That Meets Your Flexible Demands!

Gone are the days where poor infrastructure was used to play football. With the rising demand for soccer or football in India, the requirement for weather-proof pitches increased significantly. Players need turfs that are durable, enhance performance, and reduce the risk of injuries and accidents. FIFA 1 star is recommended for schools, clubs, and private play areas, while FIFA 2 star is mainly for professional purposes.

As the game is getting more challenging and dynamic, it requires a uniform and easy-to-maintain surface that meets the fitness and performance needs of the players. Namgrass offers high-quality artificial football turf for various communities, schools, clubs, and sports stadiums. From design to colour patterns, we are here to help you make a valuable investment.

Top Features of Our Artificial Football Turf

Versatile Cover for Various Sports Events: Domo has installed FIFA football turf pitches across the world. They are an excellent cover for multi-sports and landscaping areas and are available at an economical price with Namgrass.

High-Wear Resistant: We provide artificial football grass that ensures superior quality and injury-free play. The grass fibres are engineered to meet the performance needs of varied sports and are highly resistant to wear and tear.

International Federation Certificates: FIFA is a world-renowned international federation for football and other sports. Since Domo is a certified holder of FIFA quality, you can expect long-lasting durability and excellent performance when you purchase products from us.

Common Questions Asked About Our Artificial Football Grass

Can You Provide a Quote?

Yes. Our artificial grass specialists will provide you with a quote. We will note your requirements and ensure that you get the best solution that suits your needs.

Is the Artificial Turf Grass That You Provide Sustainable?

We offer FIFA-certified turf in India designed to provide safety to the athletes and promote water conservation. As the football turf is easy to maintain and requires little maintenance, you can save many natural resources, ensuring sustainability.

How Does the Artificial Football Turf Help Prevent Injuries?

Our football turf provides an even surface that maintains its integrity. Since there are bumps and ruts, the players can avoid accidental slips and skids. On the other hand, players can enjoy consistent games in any weather condition, such as drought and rain.

Is the Grass Suitable for Indoor Sports Facilities?

One of the benefits of using our FIFA certified turf in India is that it is suitable for all sporting events. Whether it is an indoor sports facility or a professional football pitch, we offer flexible solutions for all your needs.

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