Artificial Cricket Grass

Artificial Cricket Grass, Cricket Pitches & Turfs

Domo artificial cricket grass, due to its popularity with sports like Tennis, Football, Hockey and multi-sports, has created curiosity with cricket pitches as well.

Eventually, the concept of using artificial cricket grass had more or less the same reasons as other sports :

1. it provides even playing conditions.

2. Every easy to maintain and clean. compared to natural pitches where it takes lot of time fertilizing, moving, rolling and leveling.

3. It does not crumble in ultimate heat and gets dry very quickly in monsoon, giving more play hours.

4. it can be played all day long, all season long for years, without indulging in much maintenance hassle.

5. Equally good for spin and bounce.

6. Hard wearing, extremely resilient to sports abuse.

Such kind of artificial cricket pitches are very good for outdoor use, as well as indoor use. it is mainly used as a practice pitch for stadiums, cricket academies, sports complexes, schools and townships as well.

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