Artificial Cricket Grass

Artificial Cricket Grass, Portable Pitches, Mats & Turfs

Natural grass for cricket is not feasible for continuous play and training. This is why Namgrass offers superior-quality, all-weather cricket turfs. They are ideal for schools and cricket grounds.

Our Domo artificial cricket grass, due to its popularity with sports such as Tennis, Football, Hockey and multi-sports, is preferred for artificial cricket pitches as well.

Benefits of Using Artificial Cricket Grass

It has more or less the same reasons as other sports:

1. It provides even playing conditions.

2. Artificial cricket turf is quite easy to clean and maintain as compared to natural pitches that take time to mow, fertilize, roll and level the grass.

3. These cricket mats do not crumble because of exposure to heat and sunlight. Also, they dry quickly in the monsoon, giving more play hours.

4. It can be played all day long, through all seasons for years, without requiring much maintenance.

5. Artificial cricket turf is equally good for spin and bounce.

6. It is hard-wearing and extremely resilient to sports abuse.

Our Artificial Grass Products for Cricket

Artificial Cricket Turf

Our artificial turf for cricket is the perfect solution for increasing the playing hours without compromising the pitch quality. They are more durable and long-lasting compared to natural grass pitch, which begins to show signs of damage after around 250 hours of play in a season.

Portable Cricket Pitches

We offer the best range of portable cricket pitches in India suitable for match play, indoor training facilities, net practice sessions, and much more. They provide a uniform surface, all-weather playing conditions, and low maintenance.

Cricket Mats

Whether you want to install artificial grass for cricket clubs or professional practice grounds, our cricket turf mats are a perfect choice. We provide the best quality cricket matting with proper binding and even surface. Our indoor and outdoor mats are versatile and offer ideal playing conditions to suit varied needs.

Advantages of Using Our Artificial Cricket Turf

The artificial cricket pitches we provide are perfect for outdoor applications and indoor purposes. They are mainly used as practice pitches for stadiums, cricket academies, sports complexes, schools, and townships. They offer the following benefits:

1. Consistent and completely even surface

2. Portable cricket pitches & wickets for every playing level

3. Artificial cricket pitch & turf for all weather conditions

4. Extremely durable artificial grass

5. Prevent repetitive stress injuries

6. Low and hassle-free maintenance

7. Custom-produced synthetic turf

Get Quality Artificial Cricket Turf, Grass & Pitch with Us!

Namgrass has a wide range of artificial grass turf, portable cricket pitches and mats specifically designed for cricket grounds. All you have to do is discuss your needs with our experts to get the best solution.

Feel free to call us at +91 9924407773 for more details and ideal surface solutions for cricket. You could also fill out our online form to request free samples of our artificial grass.

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Cricket Grass

Is Artificial Cricket Turf Worth It?

There are many benefits to installing synthetic cricket grass. It is durable, requires low maintenance, provides an even surface for play, and is ideal for all weather conditions. We can also help you get customized artificial turf for cricket to meet your needs.

How Long Will Artificial Cricket Grass Last?

Depending on the level of wear and tear and upkeep, an artificial lawn or portable cricket pitch can last for years. Thus, routine maintenance as per the given instructions can help ensure the longevity of synthetic turf for cricket.

What is the Cost of Synthetic Turf for Cricket?

The price of fake grass for cricket grounds typically depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the ground, type and quality of fibres, and more. You can reach out to us for specific pricing details for cricket mats, portable pitches, and artificial turf.

Artificial Cricket Grass Products: